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We pride ourselves on our work, but don't take our word for it; hear it yourself from our clients:

Robyn L.

I don’t have words to express what a tremendous source of help and support Home Solutions by Donna has been to me and my family. During a season of extreme life stress, Donna and her team were invaluable in helping us get ready to put our home on the market. She was indefatigable, present at every step in the process, stopping by to check on things even when she didn’t have to, spent countless hours “off the clock” selling items we couldn’t take with us, and was always professional and never judgmental. Her team is cheerful and energetic, anxious to get the task at hand finished! After our move, they unpacked and set up our entire household, down to the tiniest and most thoughtful detail. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Donna’s help. Her pricing is comparable to others in her field, and although I was initially concerned, I soon found that it was worthy every penny and then some! I am happy to give a “live” referral to anyone interested; just ask Donna for my contact info.
Grateful in Virginia,

Brad R.

We didn't know all of what we needed in order to get Dad smoothly and completely moved out of his house of 56 years. We had an idea of some of it, but didn't know that what we needed was someone who does exactly what Donna does. Since we had the good fortune to be living in the same neighborhood, she reached out to let us know what she does in her business, and ask us if we could possibly use her services. We immediately realized we could, and so we did. She and her team took it from there, helped us get the house cleared of everything we weren't planning to take with us, helping make arrangements for moving companies, and generally navigating all the things you don't know when you haven't moved in many years).

Vince D.

I love the before and after photos.  Thank you for your kindness and bringing your gentle spirit into my home.  I look forward to crossing paths again.   

Joan M.

You transformed our house move - your dynamic but visual approach made all the difference - I can't thank you enough!


I moved in a week ago Monday, with the help of Donna and her wonderful A Team, and believe me, you will be SO glad you have themI know it will be a while before I really feel settled, but with the pictures on the walls (thanks to Donna’s Pam), and NO boxes and papers, I am very pleased.

Kent E.

I like the garage and basement so much I just go to both and walk around! 

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